Bonapitit Updates

Important updates about the Bonanza API

Based on feedback from API users, Bonanza is happy to announce a new endpoint where many items' quantity and price can be updated in a single API request. Please see the documentation link and PHP example below.


PHP example

Posted 02/27/20

When an item is added or revised using addFixedPriceItem, addMultipleFixedPriceItems, reviseFixedPriceItem, or reviseMultipleFixedPriceItems, and the item's status is "Missing required fields", the "message" field in the response will now include the list of reasons explaining why the item could not be made available for sale.

Please see for details.

Posted 03/06/19

Two common errors will no longer be counted against an account's daily error limit. These errors are

* CannotFindItem
* ItemNotForSale

Removing these two errors should help API integrations from going over the daily limit if an attempt to retrieve or update an item fails.

Please continue to use these errors to help keep your database of items in sync with Bonanza's.

Posted 02/06/19

Bonapitit will move to requiring https for all API requests in short order.

To prepare for this change, please update all API calls to be made over https. Authentication mechanisms for non-secure and secure requests are unchanged; the only update necessary is to convert any calls made over 'http' to 'https'.

All code samples have been updated to reflect this change, and we have removed the `RequestCantUseSSL` error type [1].


Posted 05/03/18