Retrieves information about a given seller's booth.

getBooth Input

getBoothis a non-secure request with the following URL and HTTP header requirements:

Submit to URL:
Required in HTTP header: X-BONANZLE-API-DEV-NAME set to your dev_id

The name for your request should be getBoothRequest.

So, for example, here is the Ruby code to submit your request:

require "json"
require "net/http"

# Open connection to over port 443
http ="", 443)
http.use_ssl = true
  "/api_requests/standard_request", # The path we're posting to
  "getBoothRequest=your_serialized_JSON_data", # The data being posted
  { 'X-BONANZLE-API-DEV-NAME' => 'abcdef123456' } # The HTTP header, which gives your dev_id

Here are the available input parameters that can be serialized into JSON:

Argument Type Occurrence Meaning
Call-specific Input Fields
boothId string Optional The URL Identifier or ID of a given booth. See note below.
storeId string Optional Pseudonym for boothId. See note below.
userId string Optional Pseudonym for boothId. Works because the escaped user name is equivalent to the booth's URL Identifier. See note below.
  note: one of the above arguments (boothId, storeId, or userId) must be passed to getBooth

getBooth Output

The name for the output returned from this request is getBoothResponse. So, after parsing the serialized response into JSON, you can access the data with something like:


Here are all the possible output parameters:

Argument Type Occurrence Meaning
Standard Output Fields
errorMessage Container Conditionally Description of an error or warning that occurred when Bonanza processed the request. Not returned if the ack value is Success.
errorMessage.error Container Conditionally,
repeatable: [0..*]
errorMessage.error.category ErrorCategory Conditionally Currently unused.
errorMessage.error.message string Conditionally A description of the error
errorMessage.error.type ErrorType Conditionally A unique descriptive name for the error.
timestamp dateTime Always This value represents the date and time when Bonanza processed the request. The time zone of this value is GMT and the format is the ISO 8601 date and time format (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSSZ). See the "dateTime" type for information about this time format and converting to and from the GMT time zone.
warnings Container Conditionally Description of a warning that occurred when Bonanza processed the request.
warnings.unrecognized_parameters Container Conditionally,
repeatable: [0..*]
An array of unrecognized parameters.
Call-specific Output Fields
store Container Always Container for more detailed booth information
store.customCategory Array Conditionally,
repeatable: [0..*]
This list is an array of custom categories, as specified by the seller to categorize their booth.
store.customCategory.categoryId int Conditional The unique ID of this custom category. string Conditional Name given to the custom category.
store.customCategory.order int Conditional Position within the list of custom categories.
store.activated boolean Always True if the booth has been activated. Only activated booths can have items added to them
store.description string Always Seller's description of the booth.

Maximum characters: 1024
store.logo anyURI Always Path to the image banner for the booth. string Always Title of the booth.

Maximum characters: 35
store.onVacation boolean Always Whether the booth is currently on vacation.
store.policies string Always Seller's description of the booth's policies, optionally including information on return policies and combined shipping discounts.

Maximum characters: 60000
store.subscriptionLevel int Always Seller's subscription level on Bonanza.
  • 0 for non-subscriber
  • 1 means "silver" member
  • 2 means "gold" member
  • 3 means "platinum" member
  • 4 means "titan" member
  • 5 means "titan + advertising" member
store.syndicated boolean Always True if the booth has signed up for Bonanza's syndicated seller program, which allows the seller to specify commissions to be paid to affiliates.
store.url anyURI Always The full URL to the booth.

getBooth Examples