This call allows you to update details of an item that is already listed on Bonanza (whether it is currently available for sale or not). It's parameters are identical to addFixedPriceItem, but you just add an "itemId" => [id of item] in the input parameters to specify the item that you want to revise.

For example, you could post something like:

request_params = {'requesterCredentials' => { 'BonanzaAuthToken' => 'users_auth_token' }, 'itemId' => 1, 'item' => { 'title' => 'my revised item title' }}.to_json"/api_requests/secure_request", "reviseFixedPriceItemRequest=#{ request_params }, ...)

This would change item #1's title to "my revised item title," assuming that the item with ID #1 belonged to the user whose auth token you passed in.

reviseFixedPriceItem Examples

reviseFixedPriceItem Input

reviseFixedPriceItem is a secure API method with the following URL and HTTP header requirements:

Submit to URL:
Required in HTTP header: X-BONANZLE-API-DEV-NAME set to your dev_id
  X-BONANZLE-API-CERT-NAME set to your cert_id

Note that all secure methods except for fetchToken and getBoothItems require you to submit a user token so that we know what user account you are acting on behalf of.  For details about setting up and submitting user tokens, see our intro to user tokens.

The name for your request should be reviseFixedPriceItemRequest.

Here are the available input parameters that can be serialized into JSON:

Argument Type Occurrence Meaning
requesterCredentials Container Required Container for user credentials
requesterCredentials .bonanzleAuthToken string Required The verified user token for the user who you are acting on behalf of.
Call-specific Input Fields
itemId Integer Required The ID of the item that will be revised.
discardOldVariations boolean Optional If true, any existing variations will be discarded before revising the item, allowing a new set of variations to be provided. Note that passing false here (the default) will still allow the quantity and price of previously added variations to be updated.