addMultipleFixedPriceItems allows you to post up to 5 items at a time to a booth on behalf of a Bonanza user. Prior to being able to add an item, the user must verify that you are authorized to act on their behalf, see our intro to user tokens for more details.

If the booth you are adding to has more than 40k items, then your call will be processed asynchronously. The response will be:

{ 'resultMessage' => "Item queued for addition", 'success' => true }

addMultipleFixedPriceItems Input

addMultipleFixedPriceItems is a secure API method with the following URL and HTTP header requirements:

Submit to URL:
Required in HTTP header: X-BONANZLE-API-DEV-NAME set to your dev_id
  X-BONANZLE-API-CERT-NAME set to your cert_id

Note that all secure methods except for fetchToken and getBoothItems require you to submit a user token so that we know what user account you are acting on behalf of.  For details about setting up and submitting user tokens, see our intro to user tokens.

The name for your request should be addMultipleFixedPriceItemsRequest.

Here are the available input parameters that can be serialized into JSON:

Argument Type Occurrence Meaning
Call-specific Input Fields
items Container Optional, repeatable: [0..4] Array of containers (max 5) for describing items.
items.item Container Required Specifies the properties of the item to modify.
Allows the same item properties as addFixedPriceItem

addMultipleFixedPriceItems output

The response for this call is the same as for addFixedPriceItem, except that the response is in the form of an array that corresponds to the result for each item that you passed in.